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We are a full service marketing agency, creating bespoke campaigns and events as individual as our clients.


Passionate about brand communications, Clearsilver is dedicated to delivering the very best results.

Clearsilver's team is packed full of PR, event management, print design, web design, build and e-commerce experience, ideas and credentials - so it's no wonder we've earned ourselves a good track record in building brands, creating local and national awareness, a fair few column inches plus websites that really do exactly what they say - attract people and generate sales.

Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Clearsilver handles clients from all over the UK, and some further afield. Take a look further to see what we do for them and what we could do for you..

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How we help

Media & Public Relations

Your reputation matters. Public Relations has grown hugely over the years and now plays a vital role in developing and nurturing your reputation and making a hugely significant difference to your business

Event Management

At Clearsilver we love a good party - and so pride ourselves on organising great events. Whether you need to show off your new menu to a select group of editors, require a city centre event to appeal to all shoppers or are looking for an impressive launch - we're your team

Brand Identity

As Brand Specialists Clearsilver understand and recognise the importance of identifying, building and developing your brand from the very start

Design for Print

Whilst we may often boast about the calibre of our online work, Clearsilver really does have a soft spot for first-rate Design for Print

Research and Planning

The advertising heritage of the team at Clearsilver means we understand strategic consumer planning and research


Clearsilver has all the right tools to cook up an attractive, innovative and effective advertising campaign that will make an impressively substantial impact when launched

Web Design & Digital

We design and build striking websites, create unique e-newsletters and generate e-marketing campaigns that will get your business noticed in a way other media can't

Social Media

Clearsilver has worked closely with a number of clients to establish and develop their social media campaigns. From daily updates and monitoring to tailored campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, Clearsilver has delivered increases in audience membership and participation, creating powerful personal links with targeted groups.