We set up Clearsilver Brand Marketing in 2006, having spent our early careers with UK Top 50 agencies, building some of the world’s best-known FMCG, pet care and other consumer brands. A full-service agency based in Leeds, we work with clients in a broad range of sectors throughout the UK and Europe. We have a particular interest and expertise in working with education health& wellness, food and drink brands, retailers, B2B, and the Third Sector. And for good measure that are a couple of FTSE100 organisations in our client portfolio too!

As a very close-knit team, everyone here is personally engaged with, and involved in, all client projects from start to finish. Using extensive research and planning, combined with the knowledge of Clearsilver’s design, digital and PR specialists, everything is done to the highest standard, and no work goes out of the door until it’s precisely right.


PR has always been about building relationships. And it still is. But as well as fostering bonds with the print and broadcast media, our remit has expanded enormously with the rise of social media.
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube give you access to a global audience of billions. At Clearsilver, we specialise in helping you focus on the (often relatively few) people who are actually relevant to you. Alongside the regular updates on what you're doing, and specifically what you can do for them, we’ll help you leverage the massive reach of social media to generate new business. It’s something we've done very successfully for clients including Capita Customer Management, where we used Twitter and LinkedIn to gain enquiries. We've also helped Wakefield’s premier shopping centre, Trinity Walk, build engagement with shoppers through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube; and set up social media feeds for award-winning hair and beauty salons Russell Eaton.
So if you've got something you want to say to the world, start by talking to us.
Consumers are exposed to, roughly, a gazillion brands and advertising images every day. Standing out from a crowd that size is no small ask. So, good design has never been more crucial to you and your brand.
At Clearsilver, we've assembled some of the finest creative design talent in the business (and they've got the awards to prove it). Whether we're designing for advertising, print or branding purposes, our starting-point is always the same: getting to know you, your brand, and what you want and need to achieve.
As a brand design agency, we understand that the thinking behind a brand is just as important as the creative execution. So our recommendations for developing, refreshing or reinventing your brand will always be based on sound strategy. Once your brand goes live, we'll help you apply it consistently and protect its integrity with a comprehensive set of brand guidelines.
We love digital, of course, but we still believe passionately in the power of print. And be it a brochure, leaflet, flyer or billboard poster campaign, we’ll handle every stage from initial sketches to finished product in-house. Because this matters as much to us as it does to you.
Your online communications are far too important to give to just anybody. So we don't: we handle everything ourselves, in-house, from end to end.
Before we commit to a single pixel or line of code, we'll develop a complete strategy, based on your specific aims and objectives. Then we'll move onto the creative design, build and technical elements, including adaptive coding for mobiles and tablets, search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC). That way, you can be sure your new website, e-newsletters and other online comms will not only work properly, but actually deliver the results you want; we evaluate the results for you as we go. We can also advise on your social media strategy: which platforms to use (if any), which to avoid, and how to use them to maximum effect. Practical thinking and solutions for an increasingly virtual world.
Throwing a great party is one thing. Creating an event that brings all the right people together, gets your messages across effectively, and sends everyone home raving about you and your brand is quite another - and a definite Clearsilver speciality.
For many clients, organising an event is a one-off, now-and-again, high-risk-high-stress affair. To us, it’s what we’re here for. So, we’ll take the whole project off your desk, and handle everything from finding the venue and drawing up the guest list to producing the invitations, publicity, audiovisual, models and stylists – whatever the event requires. And at every stage, our on and offline PR specialists will ensure it’s being talked about in the press and across social channels for maximum impact.
So talk to us about your next event. We're confident you'll be glad to have us along.