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Change in Google algorithm to enable prioritisation of mobile-friendly websites

In just over a weeks’ time, Google will be making a dramatic change to its algorithm, which means that mobile-friendly websites will feature higher in search results, sending those sites that haven’t thought about mobile search capabilities tumbling down the rankings.

It’s no longer good enough to have a website that just ‘works’ on mobile. Site owners need to ensure that mobile sites are fully responsive, to protect against penalisation, and, as a result, a significant drop in traffic. With talks of the upcoming algorithm shift having a larger impact than Google’s existing two main algorithms, Panda and Penguin – April 21st is going to mark a huge milestone in the development of mobile search.

The algorithm change makes a lot of sense – if you’re searching for a term on a mobile device, you want to be presented with the most relevant, mobile friendly sites for that term, making the user-journey as efficient as possible.

Google have said, however, that the mobile update won’t affect desktop search results. As explained in this article on Moz, this would lead us to believe that Google has developed an entirely new method of crawling and indexing mobile sites specifically, which is a huge development in Google’s technology.

The upcoming algorithm change demonstrates the recent trends in search, with levels of searches carried out on mobile devices rapidly increasing over the past few years. It highlights the ever-growing importance of mobile and digital, and how hugely different the user-journeys of desktop, and mobile users, are – with Google categorising them as two separate search entities.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming algorithm change?


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