LEAPing to a bigger and better business

From the September of joining GSAL’s sixth form I, along with nine close friends, jumped into “independent learning” at the deep end as we embarked on a nine month long LEAP journey through which we discovered much about ourselves, each other and the business world. If that wasn’t enough, Stream, the 2016 winning LEAP company, collaborated to generate a £878 donation to St Gemma’s Hospice, a very worthwhile cause close to our hearts.

Starting from scratch, for hours on end we puzzled over and pondered how we planned to transform ten independent individuals into a team capable of starting up and managing a successful real-life company. We bagged a classroom from any teacher we could track down and got the creative juices flowing- with ideas ranging from mugs to sweet treats. We put down on paper anything and everything that entered our unassuming minds. Following much market research, deliberation and advice, we collectively settled on drinks bottles and earphones, sticking close to our roots and targeting the music loving and sport fanatic people that we are.

From left to right: Rachel Marks, Noah Lewis, Flo Straughan and Antony Attia at the Merion Centre

As Managing Director, I relished witnessing friends that I have known for years really pull together to achieve a common goal. Various members in the team completed all the tasks I could have wished for and more- production, finance, social media and so on.

Then it was selling time! This proved to be a lot more challenging than anticipated. With no previous experience, we took the “Let’s just go for it!” approach, and that we did. Selling to the public was a real learning curve through which every Stream member came to find their feet and flourish. On top of time-management, organisation and teamwork, this is invaluable experience in developing vital interpersonal skills.

Stream was fortunate enough to be awarded with an array of prizes at LEAP’s annual award giving ceremony this May, including Clearsilver’s Best Social Media Award, Best Presentation, Report, Media Awareness and others. As a member of the Best LEAP Company 2016, I’m really grateful for the opportunity to have learnt so many valuable life skills that will stand me in great stead for the future, and am pleased to have shared that experience with lifelong friends.

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