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Make Your Brand as Human as Possible

It is human nature to desire genuine interaction and engagement. The number one priority for every brand should be how the customer views you. Customers can relate to brands that have a humanised presence, as a result this helps build relationships between the consumer and the business, which if done correctly, leads to brand loyalty. Companies that end their reply tweets with an actual name make me want to shake their hand and say “hey, good job” because now that customer knows that they are not speaking to a blank wall but rather an actual person who cares.

Megan Elrhoul, Research Manager at Twitter was quoted as saying in a report, “Customers are really looking for a humanised connection. They want to feel that they are talking to a real person and having that personalisation helps add that component.”

Customer service interactions are accelerating on Twitter. In the last two years, Twitter has reported a whopping 250% increase in such conversations. I think one of the many beauties of social media is that it makes brands appear human, by the way they interact online. It is important to monitor comments, answer questions and keep up to date with the latest popular topics. This is the foundation of ensuring a more personalised experience of your brand.

In particular, one brand that I personally believe does this really well is Innocent Drinks. I think they are the perfect example of a brand who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. From a public relations perspective this could be seen as a risky approach. However, this is a brand who knows their audience and what their audience wants to see.

For example, the recent tube strike that ironically always seems to bring Londoners together. How quintessentially British of us to complain so much about it. We may be famous for moaning, but at least we can laugh about it. Innocent Drinks saw an opportunity in this and most commuters would agree that their humorous Twitter updates lightened up their dreary day.


Being relatable and entertaining is very likeable. When brands get involved with topics that most of us are tweeting about, it creates customer engagement. Interestingly, when I make the decision to buy a drink, this brand stands out to me the most. I think this says a lot about the importance of creating a humanised connection. Innocent Drinks do this really well and I believe that other brands who don’t are missing out on a great opportunity to connect with their audience.

Image courtesy of: Francois Muscat

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