Mix it up this Pancake Day

Abby Sutton | Posted 4 years ago

Pancake Day is always a hot topic of conversation, with Clearsilver taking up the the battle of savoury vs sweet.

You batter sit down for this one…

Pancake Day is always a hot topic of conversation, the battle of savoury vs sweet comes around once a year and here at Clearsilver we are no exception to that.

I’m a huge savoury fan, pass me the ham and cheese over the treacle any day. We looked to see what else is available in the pancake world…

It seems the place to be for the perfect savoury pancake is in the Netherlands, with the ‘pannekoeken’.

From the Netherlands to Asia, you can enjoy a curried pancake with chana dhal on, which sounds like a taste sensation! Its a long way from your sugar and lemon and we are certainly intrigued.

The team here at Clearsilver all on the sweet bus, a combination of classics with lemon & sugar, treacle and of course, the pancake favourite, Nutella.

Fact: Nutella’s 2017 Pancake Day campaign helped them grow sales by 31%. Nutella, with the support of a £1m media investment, brought their ‘Pancakes Love Nutella’ campaign out again this year.

“People link this day with Nutella spread and we are confident that we will see a similar rise in sales this year.” – Levi Boorer, customer development director at Ferrero.

Who isn’t obsessed with Nutella these days?

Victoria, head of PR here at Clearsilver, will vouch for the Nutella craze, her favourite topping is Nutella and strawberries – another one for the sweet side.

We’ve been researching some alternatives this year and have discovered Sue Quinn’s ‘Posh Pancakes’ - quite the revelation. The chicken, chilli and basil pancake wrap is surely enough to turn any sweet lover in to a savoury fan?

So, will you be sticking to what you know today, or ‘mixing’ it up? We’d love to know. Tweet us your snaps, and have a flippin’ fantastic Pancake Day.

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