Our PR predictions for 2018

In brief: Our PR predictions for 2018

As we wave goodbye to 2017 and reflect on the experiences and campaigns from the last 12 months, we also look ahead to what the next year will bring.  Here are our top five PR predictions for 2018:

  • PR will be a much more powerful tool for clients

    If experiences of the last few months of 2017 have taught us anything, it’s that PR is still very much on the agenda. Based on results, clients continue to see its benefit either as a stand-alone function or as part of a wider communications strategy. Our analytics for clients clearly demonstrate the correlation between media coverage and a corresponding rise in web traffic and similar calls to action i.e. phone calls/social media views. Further, in-depth, analysis suggests this also aligns with bookings and product purchases.

  • Integration is key to success

    To maximise on potential success, PR must be integrated with other channels – including social media, design, SEO and marketing – to achieve a higher ROI. After all, with multi-channelling more popular than ever, and the attention span of the everyday consumer reducing, multiple touchpoints create greater opportunities to be seen. Just make sure that the content is strong and relevant for the target audience and the tone of voice is suitable for each communication channel.

  • Trust and integrity will be vital

    Trust in clients and a clients’ trust in their specialists will be integral to successful, long-term working relationships.  A client must have faith in their consultant’s ability to do a good job and it’s essential for an agency or individual to have a passion for the campaign they’re working on. Having passion for the campaign you’re delivering becomes both credible and infectious when pitching to journalists.

  • Less words more pictures

    The humble press release alone will no longer cut it. The need for more visual content – videos, images, and infographics – will be necessary if you want to stand out from the crowd. Facts and figures, ground-breaking research and strong, real-life case studies will also be a must if you want the column inches in 2018.

  • Put the ‘R’ back into PR

    It’s so easy in this evolving digital age to hide behind emails and social media profiles. But holding on to relationships, especially in the early days, is vital. Being responsive in all areas of communications is essential, of course, but a lot can be said for regular face to face meetings, skype or phone calls.

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Victoria Sowerby

Head of PR

Victoria has over 10 years’ PR experience, delivering B2B and B2C campaigns for clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Notable highlights from her career include running the biggest-ever Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign for national charity Breast Cancer Haven, achieving over £1million-worth of media coverage in 12 months for Welcome to Yorkshire, and securing a double-page spread in The Times for a Team GB athlete ahead of the 2012 Winter Paralympics in Sochi.

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