Our very favourite Christmas campaigns

Each year, brands big and small compete to create the most compelling Christmas marketing campaign – using the nation’s love of the festive season to generate buy-in of a product or service.

Although a Christmas TV ad will create a spike in consumer interest, a well-rounded, strategic marketing campaign will maintain that interest. We’ve put this post together to highlight some of the most compelling Christmas campaigns that we’ve seen over recent years…


Coca-Cola – #HolidaysAreComing

coca cola

Coca-Cola launched their first Christmas campaign 19 years ago, and continued to roll out this campaign annually. However, each year they’ve found new creative and exciting ways to ensure that consumers are engaged year in, year out.

Every year, we eagerly await the Coca-Cola advert to officially mark the beginning of the festive season. The company have expertly positioned themselves as integral to the Christmas countdown.

The iconic Coca-Cola truck will travel to different locations around the UK, delivering the drink as a free gift to their customers. The Twitter hashtag #HolidaysAreComing was created a few years ago, and is still used by consumers to directly engage with the campaign.

We can’t wait for Coca-Cola to bring Christmas to Leeds this year!


Cadbury – #Cadvent


Everybody knows that Christmas just isn’t Christmas without an advent calendar full of chocolate to begin each December morning, and this year will be no different. However, this year, our treat-filled calendars are getting supersized…

Famous chocolate brand – Cadbury – will see 24 lorrys sent off to different locations in Great Britain in the build up to Christmas Day. The lorrys will deliver free chocolate (we think & hope!) with the aim to boost customer sales during the festive season.

It seems that Coca-Cola have got themselves some competition this year!


Ted Baker – TedsElfie

Ted Baker

Ted Baker launched their #TedsElfie Christmas campaign in 2014. Customers were able to take selfies with elves on the shop floor, using the hashtag to post these images to social media.

Alongside the hashtag, an Instagram account – TEDSELFIE – was created, acting as a social media treasure hunt for customers. Each photo on the account contained links to other Ted Baker related Instagram accounts, where seven hidden elves could be found.

Ted Baker offered 150 gifts for consumers to win, that included a trip to see the northern lights. The campaign raised the brands’ profile, whilst upholding customer interest in the run-up to Christmas in a fun and interactive way.

After all, who doesn’t love a freebie?!


John Lewis – Monty the penguin


In 2014, John Lewis introduced us to Monty, a lonely penguin looking for love. Known for its heartfelt Christmas campaigns, John Lewis certainly managed to tug on their customers’ heartstrings, and Monty was welcomed with open arms (or flippers).

John Lewis created a fully integrated campaign that was sure to succeed from the get-go. Consumers were able to purchase Monty merchandise, including ties, onesies, tablecloths and their very own cuddly Monty.

The hashtag #MontyThePenguin was utilised alongside their @MontyThePenguin account, where consumers could submit their details to receive personalised Christmas cards from Monty himself, and catch up on everything happening in his life.

This was one of the most successful Christmas campaigns of 2014. And we wouldn’t expect anything less spectacular from the brand that embodies Christmas so well each year.


Marks and Spencer – Follow the Fairies


#FollowTheFairies allowed consumers to become an active part of the campaign, and contribute to its success. Marks and Spencer encouraged members of the public to tweet using the hashtag, or interact with the account @TheTwoFairies, and in return, random acts of kindness were carried out by the festive characters.

Tailoring the campaign to children as well as adults, their younger audience were encouraged to create fairy decorations or baubles – instructions given on the M&S website to drive traffic as well as engagement – with an act of kindness that they promise to do this Christmastime written on the back. These were then collected by Marks and Spencers staff, who passed them onto the fairies.

This campaign highlighted the message of thinking of others during Christmas, and after all, that’s what Christmas is all about.

As Christmas 2015 edges closer, we’re ready to see the collection of this year’s campaigns, and watch our own Clearsilver campaigns come to life…


Images courtesy of Coca-Cola, Mirror, Instagram, The Telegraph,  Fashion & Mash 

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