LEAPing to a bigger and better business

From the September of joining GSAL’s sixth form I, along with nine close friends, jumped into “independent learning” at the deep end as we embarked on a nine month long LEAP journey through which we discovered much about ourselves, each other and the business world. If that wasn’t enough, Stream, the 2016 winning LEAP company, collaborated to generate a £878 donation to St Gemma’s Hospice, a very worthwhile cause close to our hearts.

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Clearsilver launches LEAP 2016 social media awards

LEAP is a registered charity that Clearsilver has worked closely with for over five years. Each year, a new group of students split into companies and create, develop and market their own products. Throughout the process, students learn valuable skills in how to grow a successful business, discover new skills in seminar sessions, get real-life experience in how to self-manage and manage a team of peers, and what to do financially to make their company a success.

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Clearsilver host placements for award winning students

As you may have read in our previous blog post ‘Clearsilver sponsor student internships for social media award winners’, we’re heavily involved with Leeds-based young enterprise charity, LEAP.

LEAP is a registered not for profit organisation which works closely with schools and colleges based in Yorkshire, mentoring students to give them the knowledge and ability to be able to set up, and successfully manage, their own companies.  Clearsilver Director, Louise Leach, is a member of the LEAP board, with Clearsilver this year sponsoring two new awards at the annual ceremony: the most improved use of social media, and the best overall use of social media.

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