LEAPing to a bigger and better business

From the September of joining GSAL’s sixth form I, along with nine close friends, jumped into “independent learning” at the deep end as we embarked on a nine month long LEAP journey through which we discovered much about ourselves, each other and the business world. If that wasn’t enough, Stream, the 2016 winning LEAP company, collaborated to generate a £878 donation to St Gemma’s Hospice, a very worthwhile cause close to our hearts.

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Setting up social media for your business

Social media will account for 22.5% of digital marketing budgets in the next five years.’ With social media quickly becoming a key tactic of most marketing and public relations campaigns, it is clear to see why so many businesses are realising the potential benefits of harnessing the power of it; the main ones being Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Social media allows a business to engage with audiences in a way that wasn’t possible before. It also allows for your audience to learn more about you; if you’re a business it often results in customer loyalty.

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Digital trends to watch out for in 2016

Digital media is becoming an increasingly more prominent aspect of people’s everyday lives. Since January 2015, there has been a 10% increase in social media users, meaning that there are now 2.31 billion social media users worldwide.

For all the media savvy individuals, it’s important (and interesting) to know the digital media trends outlined for 2016…


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