Sprout it from the rooftops - we are Sprout Social certified!

Kathryn Burr | Posted 4 years ago

We are proud to provide effective and tailored social media for our clients through results-driven strategies, providing content creation across all channels, scheduling, analysis, reporting and more.

The team is already proficient in social media scheduling and reporting tools, including but not exclusively, Sprout Social.

As a firm advocate of Sprout Social, I was intrigued to discover that the tool also provides an exam certification course.

Consisting of eight training videos and a certification exam, I thought that it would be a good idea to undertake; as a fun way to have a good refresh of this brilliant tool, and to discover the interesting new features which have been added and improved via recent updates.

Setting aside time in a busy schedule to view the hour long videos was never going to be easy, but it was fantastic to immerse myself in all that the tool has to offer.

From studying for this exam certification, I gained new insights into creating, scheduling and analysing content; through creating custom reports to leverage our social strategies, as well as finding, monitoring and engaging with conversations about a brand. All of which will allow us to continue to provide effective engagement to achieve our client’s target objectives.

I also discovered some great new ‘Team’ features, including assigning and reviewing tasks, to assist with team member collaboration within the tool.

Having completed the video training, it was time to sit the exam...

Since using Sprout Social to create social media content for a diverse mix of clients for many years, this exam was an opportunity to undergo a form of more advanced training for Sprout Social, so the pressure was on.

I was delighted to receive a score of 93%!

As certified Sprout Social users, we not only have a deep understanding of the software’s most advanced features, but we have the proven skills to support businesses and their social media strategies, to help deliver the best social media services for clients.

This also means that we have now been able to sign up to the certified Sprout Social Agency Partner Program, to be featured in the Sprout Social Partner Directory, becoming part of an elite global community of digital marketing and social media agencies.

So if you’re seeking social media services, we’re the agency for you! Get in touch to discuss how we can take your business’ social media offering to the next level.

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