What’s Hot in Design Right Now – Top 10

In the ever changing world of design it’s always good to know what the latest trends are in order to keep ideas up to date.

1) Colour – Radiant Orchid. Pantone is a designers’ best friend to ensure colour consistency and this colour is not just useful but beautiful.  With a mixture of purple and pink undertones emoting feelings of joy, love and health.

2) Back to basics flat design – With the possibilities in design being endless this year the focus is on stripping everything back. Simplicity will be the most powerful tool in order to show great levels of sophistication. With this type of design there are no unnecessary elements with a focus on negative space and function conquering over form.

3) 3D printing – With technologies expanding, 3D printing is the latest to take the design world by storm. Pretty much anything can be printed using one of these machines but here’s a list with some items that may shock you; Tornado fighter jet parts, prosthetic arms, wheelchair ramps, human tissue, chocolates and sweets!

4) Realism – With the rise of the digital age it is always nice to see hand crafted work showing a realistic style. These striking images show just how realistic some artists can be using pencil and paint.

Paul Cadden - Pencil on paper.

Paul Cadden – Pencil on paper.

Kamalky Laurano - Acrylic paint on canvas.

Kamalky Laurano – Acrylic paint on canvas.

5) Mix and match typography/handwritten fonts – Mixing serif type faces with sans-serif* for emphasis is a growing trend this year. It allows content to be interestingly displayed without looking cramped. Hand crafted typefaces also take us back to a time without the computer (yes, scary I know), showing the audience the designers artistic ability. Lettering by hand is unique making the work even more beautiful. However, it does not need to be perfect as imperfections add character.

annabelle 5

*Quick lesson in typography. Serif means typefaces that have ascenders and descenders on the letters for example ‘T’ in comparison to this T which is a sans serif (without serifs). So Times New Roman is a serif typeface whilst Helvetica is sans-serif.

6) Single web page design – Gone are the days with lots of links directing you to different pages of a site. A single page design is great for displaying content in an imaginative way. It’s easy to navigate around as all users have to do is scroll.

They may not work as well for sites with lots of content but it helps focus your message.

7) Large hero area – This is the large area that you see when you first open a web page. It’s usually a scrolling image that fills the entire screen. Large high quality images are extremely popular as they capture the audiences attention.

annabelle 6

8) Parallax scrolling – With the trend of single web pages being a hit, ways to make content more exciting were introduced. Parallax helps bring a website to life with a special scrolling technique. Background and foreground images animating as you scroll overlapping one another in order to bring things to life and change the content.

9) Responsive web design – Not only is responsive web design right on trend but it is actually becoming a necessity when it comes to web design. The way this works is where mobile, tablet and desktop users all see the same content but it is displayed in a different way according to the device. With an array of screen dimensions it is difficult to ensure that the user is seeing all the content correctly. With responsive design it doesn’t matter what size the browser window is – you can expand and shrink the window and content will move accordingly. Clever eh?

10) Flexible logos and brand identity – Is is so important that a brand can change and react to what is going on around it. We are seeing more and more identities with flexible arrangements. It is still important that the brand remains consistent and is recognisable but changing elements can add a real flavour and excitement to the brand. Probably the most recognisable is Google  with its ‘Google Doodles’ and MTV.

annabelle 8

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Annabelle Groves

Creative Designer

Annabelle is Clearsilver’s newest team member after recently graduating from the University of Leeds where she studied Graphic and Communication Design. Having interned with Clearsilver during her year in industry Annabelle has now joined the team as a fully fledged Creative Designer. Her previous experience includes developing client brand identities, website templates and design for print, working across a variety of sectors, from hair and beauty, retail, business to business and not for profit. Annabelle supports Paul, our Creative Director, on all incoming marketing and branding briefs creating designs for both on and offline.

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