Introducting Mealtrack Bite Size

Did you know the FTG market covers 11 billion occasions and is worth over £35 million

Mealtrak gives you a unique perspective on every aspect of the FTG market and consumer to help you realise the potential of your brand.

And because we’re a young, ambitious business too, we’re developing a special package aimed specifically at smaller entrepreneurial businesses, who we know can’t usually afford the kind of comprehensice, high quality market intelligence Mealtrak provides.

We’d love to show you how it could work for your business in today’s challenging market, with no obligation.

Questions we can answer...

What proportion of all meals is now accounted for by FTG?

Where are the BIG opportunities and how can you best exploit them?

Which day of the week blows the others away in FTG?

Who do you really compete with in consumers’ minds and repertoires?

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Packages we can offer you...

Super-low cost.

Provides a FTG Market Report convinving the key market sizes and dynamics.

Super-high value.

This would give your business access to the full Meatrack data set.