Breaking the taboos of motherhood with My Expert Midwife

Victoria Sowerby | Posted 6 years ago

A collection of pre, post-natal and baby products designed to tackle taboos around pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.

Let’s be honest. Being a mum is hard work. If I’m really honest, it’s probably the hardest job in the world. So, when we started working with two Yorkshire entrepreneurs who wanted to break the taboos around pregnancy, birth and motherhood for new and expectant mums, I was intrigued to learn more.

Lesley – a practising midwife and Channel 4 One Born Every Minute personality – and Claire – a pre, post-natal and baby massage specialist – came to Clearsilver looking for full-service communications support.

I was, handily, expecting my second child. The birth of my first son, albeit long, was relatively straight forward. I was well-read on what to expect and relatively calm about the birthing process. Even so, I was still shocked at how unprepared I was for the physical recovery post-birth. The difficulties of breastfeeding…. well that’s a whole other blog post!

Why is it that no one seems to discuss the realities and side effects that come with being pregnant or giving birth? Cue My Expert Midwife

The My Expert Midwife range included four launch products, Spritz for Bits, No Harm Nipple Balm, Peri Prep Your Bits and Fantastic Skin Elastic. The range is specially formulated to soothe and provide relief, prevent infection and aid healing using the safest and most essential ingredients. Real thought has also been put into the products’ dispenser systems to ensure no fuss and easy application, especially during breast feeding or when reaching intimate areas pre and post birth.

When Claire and Lesley first came to us, they had an incredible proposition. But having a fantastic concept and having products that people want to buy are two very different things. It was our job to make sure there was a genuine demand for new, pre and post natal products before transforming an ‘idea’ into a purchasable reality.

The process – which took almost two years from concept to market – started with an extensive, qualitative consumer research study organised by our in-house team. The study highlighted that there was a need, and a clear gap in the market, for products that met a specific requirement – such as relief from tears, stretching skin and sore nipples. Alongside this was a desire for an ‘honest’ product range, one which encourages women to speak openly about their problems.

Creating a brand identity for this innovative range was really exciting, and possibly the longest part of the process. The brand had to reflect not only the products – their natural ingredients, simplicity and effectiveness – but also the two founders. Two alternative brand identities were close to making it to market (we’ll keep those under our hat for the future) but My Expert Midwife stood out as the front runner. It was then down to our creative director, Amanda, to build an identity around the name and the ethos.

My Expert Midwife is all about creating something for the individual. The products are your personal ‘midwife’ for pre and post-natal care supported by the knowledge and experience of Lesley – a specialist in birth trauma. The ‘My’ reflects this personal touch. It may be a global brand, but it’s been created on the individual views of recently delivered and expectant mums.

With unique products, a straight-talking brand identity and clear tone of voice established, web developer Chris set about creating an all-encompassing, visually-led website. Developing a site where consumers could see the products, read reviews and click to buy in quick and easy steps was key.

At the same time, the Clearsilver comms team were beavering away at a regional, national and specialist PR and social media strategy to ensure My Expert Midwife was the new, need to know about product range on the market for new and expectant mums. With an undeniable need to create something that allowed women to start talking, developing the #letsbehonest campaign as part of the overriding communications strategy provided a great talking point across social but also offered a more inviting, less commercial angle for PR.

Securing Lesley and Claire media spokesperson ‘expert’ slots in the mother and baby media was also a significant part of the campaign. We were keen for the media and potential customers to be aware that My Expert Midwife had been developed not only by experts in pre and post-natal care, but also by two mums with genuine experience and education in birth trauma.

My Expert Midwife is now selling internationally and receiving five-star reviews across the board for all four of their products. Keep checking back for our next blog on our results and how we worked with both the media and specialist mummy bloggers to raise awareness and drive sales.

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