Breast Cancer Haven fires up a treat for its supporters

Kathryn Burr | Posted 4 years ago

Last Thursday, the team at Clearsilver went to support our fantastic client, Breast Cancer Haven, as they held a fundraising BBQ at the Gateway Bar & Grill by its headquarters on East Street in Leeds.

Breast Cancer Haven - East Street, Leeds

It was also, sadly, the charity’s Community & Events Fundraising Officer and our good friend, Lizzie’s leaving do, and we wish her every success as she moves on to work for Martin House Hospice.

With several new companies having recently moved into the Gateway complex, the event was held to act as a fun introduction to Breast Cancer Haven and a chance to meet its many supporters; including the charity’s amazing staff, selfless volunteers and men and women who have used the service.

It is a true testament to the tight-knit, family feel of Breast Cancer Haven that so many people continue to come back and support the charity, even long after their diagnosis or treatment comes to an end.

One such supporter who we had the pleasure to meet was the vivacious Pat, who has completed a skydive for the charity, and has dreams of wing walking, race car driving and motorbike riding, to name a few of her next challenges, and she’s in her 80s! She truly embodies the phrase that ‘you are only as old as you feel’, and we wish her luck on her next fundraising goals. We can’t wait to hear what she gets up to next!

Speaking of tight-knit, we also had the opportunity to gift the knitted bobble hat that I created during Breast Cancer Haven’s ‘Big Tea Cosy’ in March this year.

Big Tea Cosy - knitted bobble hat

As a PR enthusiast, as well as a keen crafter, the campaign was right up my street, and I set myself the challenge to knit and complete the hat, made in with soft wool in our Clearsilver colours, by the end of the campaign month, and I was very pleased to do so.

We felt that the BBQ would be the perfect time to donate the knitted hat on behalf of Clearsilver to Breast Cancer Haven.

Clearsilver donates bobble hat for Breast Cancer Haven

This hat, and other knitted goods made by kind supporters of the charity from the campaign, will be gifted this winter to someone undergoing breast cancer treatment, as a sign of comfort and support as they go through this difficult time in their life.

Big Tea Cosy - knitted bobble hat label

You can read more of how else we supported the Big Tea Cosy campaign this year through key online and print PR coverage in crafting and baking media and more here.

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